The Little Nuthatch — wild turkey

North Carolina: backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch dark-eyed junco eastern bluebird north carolina tufted titmouse white-breasted nuthatch wild turkey

I always spend a lot of time watching the birds at my parents place in North Carolina. They have so much personality.      

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North Carolina: Summer feeder birds.

mushrooms north carolina ruby-throated hummingbird wild turkey

Last week when I was in North Carolina I spent a lot of time watching the birds around my parents house. This time the highlight was definitely the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, of which there are 4 frequenting the feeder. Very entertaining as they were almost always there, often chattering and fighting with each other. Another highlight, babies! There were 6 or 7 Wild Turkey babies. And many juvenile birds coming to the feeder, plus a family of Bluebird's with 3 juveniles out in the field, stayed too high for photos but I admired them very much with my binoculars.  

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North Carolina Mountains Day 6.

flowers insects north carolina wild turkey

Day 6 in North Carolina was a stay in day. Well, not so much staying in! Luckily not going anywhere in North Carolina is pretty exciting with beautiful flowers, butterflies, interesting insects, and birds just out the front door, and a short-ish walk down to the river. Fancypants Wild Turkey  

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