The Little Nuthatch — brown-headed nuthatch

North Carolina: backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch dark-eyed junco eastern bluebird north carolina tufted titmouse white-breasted nuthatch wild turkey

I always spend a lot of time watching the birds at my parents place in North Carolina. They have so much personality.      

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Little walks.

blue-gray gnatcatcher brown-headed nuthatch flowers insects mushrooms red-shouldered hawk

I haven't been out too much lately, either "life" or weather has been getting in the way venturing of outside. I've only had a few little walks outside, but luckily I always find something cool even on those little walks. Here are a few photos from the last week. Brown-headed Nuthatch. I love them! Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. One of the few birds I've seen often around my new neighborhood. The whole family was in the tree chattering the day I took this, but only this fledgling would come down to the low branches near me. Red-shouldered Hawk chilling out in the...

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Backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch carolina chickadee cedar waxwing red-winged blackbird white-eyed vireo yellow-bellied sapsucker

Here are a smattering of photos I've taken here and there of birds in the backyard. Female Red-winged Blackbirds, we had a large flock one late afternoon. Brown-headed Nuthatch... There is a couple that appears to be preparing a nest in an old dead tree. You know when they are there as they vigorously peck away at it! Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Carolina Chickadee Cedar Waxwing White-eyed Vireo

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