The Little Nuthatch — deer

Rocky Montain Arsenal NWR.

american goldfinch burrowing owl colorado deer

After a couple days of rocky mountains in Colorado, I was all about getting to some flat easy terrain! Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR is near the Denver airport, it is a wildlife drive with walking trails throughout and with lovely grasslands that are known for their Bison and Burrowing Owls. I really wanted to see the Burrowing Owls, and was thrilled to find a pair posing on some flowers, their burrow below in the grass.   Besides the owls, here are some more photos of this beautiful place near the city.    

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Just a deer and a little rabbit.

deer econ river wilderness rabbit

Here are some trail friends I've met this month.  

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Early morning.

deer flowers northern cardinal

I love the early morning. The light changes quickly, creating an array of beautiful effects and sparkles throughout that first hour of the day... The animals come out to the play, and the birds are singing... I t is the best time of day!

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deer gopher tortoise

Today marks one week in my new home. I'm renting, with my boyfriend and two of our friends. I moved in last Friday, and took the week off work to fix the house up. It was a week of painting, cleaning, organizing, shopping for important house things, and building furniture from IKEA. It was pretty stressful, but now the house is ready to relax in! (And time to get back to artwork!) It's pretty cool, just around the corner from where I lived before with my parents. Like my old home, it's on 5 acres and we've had deer with...

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