The Little Nuthatch — northern cardinal

Fledgeling Northern Cardinal.

northern cardinal

I was thrilled to see a fledgeling Northern Cardinal on the tree outside my window! Mama was nearby... I watched the fledgeling for an hour before it stretched it's wings and legs a bit and clumsily flew to another branch farther out- then it WENT FOR IT and successfully flew off to a neighboring tree out of sight! Good luck, little one!

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The Big Crafty.

carolina wren craft shows maker made mourning dove north carolina northern cardinal

Yesterday was The Big Crafty in downtown Asheville, NC. I had a table selling my art and I had so much fun meeting people! Being a birder and selling bird art is really fun, people will talk birding with me and I got a few tips for the area. The Big Crafty was a huge event with 150 booths!  As you can imagine there was a lot of talent and some great arts and crafts. I was pretty busy with my own table, during the last half hour it was slowing down so I darted around and took a few...

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Early morning.

deer flowers northern cardinal

I love the early morning. The light changes quickly, creating an array of beautiful effects and sparkles throughout that first hour of the day... The animals come out to the play, and the birds are singing... I t is the best time of day!

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