The Little Nuthatch — moss and lichen

A bit of Winter in North Carolina.

moss and lichen north carolina salamanders

I went to Western North Carolina a few weeks ago. When I arrived, snow was melting on the ground and it did not snow again until the day after I left. Although I missed the snow it had a feeling and appearance of Winter that you do not get in Florida. Since returning to Florida it has been cold in our terms, but a couple days ago there was a quick shift to the mid-80s, just as the groundhog announced a longer Winter. Shame Florida does not have groundhogs, I would love more Winter!  

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Myakka River State Park.

moss and lichen myakka river state park white ibis

After my craft show in Sarasota, I stopped by Myakka River State Park on my way home. What an awesome place! They have built a walkway through a canopy and a tower that goes above the canopy and overlooks the entire park with a 360 view. The place is filled with beautiful air plants and lichen painting the trees. This park must have the best air! Sights seen included many birds, alligators, a few deer, and a large turtle crossing the street. I strongly suggest a visit to this park.  

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North Carolina: Mount Mitchell.

dark-eyed junco moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

One of my favorite places in Summer in North Carolina is Mount Mitchell. Coming out of Florida in July it is especially nice to go up the mountain and into cooler weather, the only time in Summer when I have to get my hoodie out again. The main draw is the amazing 360 view, on this particular day it was very foggy and at moments it was too thick to see anything from the summit- but it would clear a bit and the clouds themselves were gorgeous! These photos are from the summit and the gorgeous Balsam Nature Trail.  ...

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North Carolina: Cradle of Forestry.

flowers moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

When in North Carolina we went to the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah National Forest. It is the home of the first Forestry school, and a very cool place. With all the rain North Carolina has been having, the forests were just going crazy with mushrooms and plant life. It was overwhelming! Every step was another cool thing to look at. Where does this old train track go? The trail did not allow me to follow, perhaps it's even dismantled around the bend, but boy was I curious to know!

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North Carolina: Foggy day on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

chestnut-sided warbler flowers moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

Here are some photos from a very foggy and rainy day on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No views from the overlooks, and a little spooky driving through that fog at times, but also... stunning. And different. The colors of the mountain rocks came out in the drizzling rain. It felt like a day for soup and hot cocoa, a nice feeling to have for a Florida girl in July. The fog and rain also meant no birds. I just found a few Junco's and this one little Chestnut-Sided Warbler. And these are a few from the yard during sunset, having...

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