The Little Nuthatch — moss and lichen

North Carolina Mountains Blue Ridge Parkway.

chipmunk dark-eyed junco moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

My last full day in North Carolina we decided to do something exciting, at least exciting to us! My Mom and I went back to the Blue Ridge Parkway, through Craggy Gardens and up to Mount Mitchell.   First we stopped a trail that said it had ruins from old buildings at the end where it meets up with the Mountain to Sea trail. The ruins were just one rock chimney as far as I could tell, although pretty cool! The trail was gorgeous, with a small waterfall right off the road, and the creek along most of the trail...

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This morning.

moss and lichen northern parula snake white-eyed vireo

What a lovely morning to be off work. It was warm and breezy. There were birds singing everywhere. The Red-headed Woodpecker appears to be nesting in the dead pine that the Kestrel likes to sit on, today they were both there, I wonder if they mind one another? I also spooked a couple of Bob White's, sorry to spook them but it's hard to see ground birds when you are too busy looking up! Most of those little warblers and such are so high up in the trees. I had my first sighting of Northern Parula in the yard. Northern...

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Spring is coming!

flowers insects moss and lichen

More and more butterflies and flowers popping up, birds building nests all over the place. Spring is coming!

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North Carolina, the final segment.

moss and lichen north carolina

More on North Carolina... It rained for a few days and eventually turned to snow. That was the first time I had ever seen snow falling and how exciting! It started to snow in the night and in the morning I was so excited to see it was clear and sunny and there were patches of snow and lots of frost to go out and enjoy! We walked down to the river, where there is an abundance of one of my favorite things... moss and lichens.     I am used to photos like the one above with water droplets,...

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The last bit for North Carolina.

american goldfinch eastern phoebe moss and lichen north carolina tufted titmouse

On my last day in the North Carolina, the peach tree started to blossom. Spring looks like it's going to be beautiful there! I wish I was going to be there to see it. Not to be too sad though, instead I will be enjoying the beach and the birds back home in Florida. Yep, there's beauty everywhere! That is an Eastern Phoebe I caught down by the river. Not too many birds down there, but there were some ducks on the river bank. I was trying to inch closer and they left in a rush as soon as they...

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