The Little Nuthatch — moss and lichen

The last bit for North Carolina.

american goldfinch eastern phoebe moss and lichen north carolina tufted titmouse

On my last day in the North Carolina, the peach tree started to blossom. Spring looks like it's going to be beautiful there! I wish I was going to be there to see it. Not to be too sad though, instead I will be enjoying the beach and the birds back home in Florida. Yep, there's beauty everywhere! That is an Eastern Phoebe I caught down by the river. Not too many birds down there, but there were some ducks on the river bank. I was trying to inch closer and they left in a rush as soon as they...

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A few more from North Carolina.

carolina chickadee carolina wren moss and lichen north carolina

I got home from North Carolina last night but I have a  lot more photos to go through. Here are a few more. Carolina Wren. There are cows across the street, they have 5 calves and are so adorable to watch! This is why I am a vegetarian. Carolina Chickadee.

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The Enchanted Forest.

enchanted forest sanctuary moss and lichen mushrooms

How could one not want to go to a place called 'The Enchanted Forest'? It makes me think of The Enchanted Forest Series by Patricia C. Wrede... Dealing with Dragons, etc. A really good book series I loved as a child and still get an urge to re-read every once and a while, which just shows that is IS really good. Well, this Enchanted Forest is a little different from that one, but it is lovely, and is located in Titusville, Florida. Coffee berries. Apparently the birds love them. 

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Weekend walk.

moss and lichen mushrooms slime mold

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moss and lichen

From today's walk.

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