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North Carolina: The Mountain Nest.

maker made north carolina

There is a lovely gallery and shop in Black Mountain, North Carolina called The Mountain Nest. It is full of gorgeous hand crafted arts and crafts, with a focus on birds! How perfect. I am so impressed by it. You can find my prints, cards, pins, and magnets there. On this trip I brought them some original bird nests. Here I am with one of my pieces... And my favorite things from the shop... I want these bird houses and carved bird ornaments! So cute!

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North Carolina: Frosty morning.

north carolina

Living in Florida, it is rare to have a frosty morning. So every morning in North Carolina I was in love with the sparkling frost.  

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North Carolina: backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch dark-eyed junco eastern bluebird north carolina tufted titmouse white-breasted nuthatch wild turkey

I always spend a lot of time watching the birds at my parents place in North Carolina. They have so much personality.      

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North Carolina mountains.

mushrooms north carolina

I visited my parents up in the North Carolina mountains in mid November. It was clearly a time of transition from Fall to Winter. Leaves still falling, but most of them a dull brown already blanketing the ground and crunching loudly when you walk. Very few flowers, mushrooms, or insects. I've never taken so few photos on a trip up there! Oh, but believe me, I still have plenty...   The Ruins Trail (Alexander Farm ruins) at Warren Wilson College: Th e old dam at Warren Wilson College:

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North Carolina: Foggy day on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

chestnut-sided warbler flowers moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

Here are some photos from a very foggy and rainy day on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No views from the overlooks, and a little spooky driving through that fog at times, but also... stunning. And different. The colors of the mountain rocks came out in the drizzling rain. It felt like a day for soup and hot cocoa, a nice feeling to have for a Florida girl in July. The fog and rain also meant no birds. I just found a few Junco's and this one little Chestnut-Sided Warbler. And these are a few from the yard during sunset, having...

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