The Little Nuthatch — north carolina

At Lake Lotus.

barred owl insects lake lotus park limpkin north carolina yellow-rumped warbler

I've been outside a lot this month, but mostly camera-free... sometimes I really like to enjoy the outside with no cameras or distractions. But I found some photos I never shared from last month at Lake Lotus. It is a little place full of wonder! This last photo is a Limpkin. The park ranger told me how it got stuck in a fish line and hook, the fisherman told the rangers and they went out to untangle the line. By the time they got to the Limpkin it had untangled itself but it still has a fish hook stuck in...

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Spring in North Carolina.

insects north carolina

Birds, bugs, and blooms. Spring! The last one is Linville Falls. I have seen many waterfalls in Georgia and North Carolina and this was the most impressive, albeit in person and not so much from this photo.

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Connemara, the Carl Sandburg Home.

north carolina

While in North Carolina a few weeks ago I visited the Card Sandburg Home, Connemara. Walking into the Carl Sandburg home is like going back in time. Everything is perfectly preserved from the 1960s. It is not a recreation, as Lillian Sandburg actually sold the home and contents to the government in 1968. It's amazing!   Unfortunately the tour of the home is only about 30 minutes long. I could spend HOURS there. There are little notes, photos, and thousands of books to look at. Not to mention all the old items, and collections of things they collected out in...

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NC Tree Swallows.

north carolina tree swallow

I was in North Carolina a few weeks ago. I did not have too much luck birding on this trip, except for these Tree Swallows nesting at the Carl Sandburg Home's goat farm. They were awesome!

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Winter at MINWR.

american avocet american robin eastern phoebe merritt island nwr north carolina peregrine falcon sora wilson's snipe

Well, I just posted about finishing painting all the birds from the Merritt Island NWR bird checklist. Now I am going to share some photos from my last trip over there. Can you see why I love the place so much? Wilson's Snipe   American Avocet   Peregrine Falcon   Eastern Phoebe   American Kestrel   Sora   American Robin   Osprey

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