The Little Nuthatch — blue-gray gnatcatcher

Morning at Gold Head Branch SP.

blue-gray gnatcatcher eastern phoebe gold head branch state park

A couple weeks ago I spent a lovely weekend at a cabin at Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights, FL. It was the perfect weekend- in the 60s during the day, 30s at night, and sunny. My favorite part about staying in a cabin or camping is waking up at dawn when the birds are just starting to sing and going for a walk. Absolute peace, quiet, and beauty. Do you see the silhouette of the deer in the foggy distance?  

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black and white warbler blue-gray gnatcatcher northern parula yellow-throated warbler

It's warbler time... look at the tops of the trees! Northern Parula Yellow-throated Warbler Black and White Warbler Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

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Little walks.

blue-gray gnatcatcher brown-headed nuthatch flowers insects mushrooms red-shouldered hawk

I haven't been out too much lately, either "life" or weather has been getting in the way venturing of outside. I've only had a few little walks outside, but luckily I always find something cool even on those little walks. Here are a few photos from the last week. Brown-headed Nuthatch. I love them! Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. One of the few birds I've seen often around my new neighborhood. The whole family was in the tree chattering the day I took this, but only this fledgling would come down to the low branches near me. Red-shouldered Hawk chilling out in the...

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Little gnatcathers.

blue-gray gnatcatcher

Here are a couple of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers I spotted at my parents yesterday after the rain storm.

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