The Little Nuthatch — anhinga

Rookery time.

anhinga cattle egret gatorland great egret snowy egret tri-colored heron wood stork

And more baby bird action! A trip to the Gatorland bird rookery offered a lot of looks at nesting Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Tri-colored Herons, Anhingas, and Wood Storks. Many are nesting right off the boardwalk and are easy to watch interacting.    

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Birds here and there.

anhinga bald eagle barred owl palm warbler

And here, I present... a random assortment of photos from birding last month. This warbler above, not sure on the ID- juvenile Palm Warbler, maybe? Very beautiful with that little bit of color! And this one above, pardon the bad photo, but I was thrilled to get a look at a RAIL! Pretty rare find for me. Question is, what Rail? Clapper Rail? That one was taken at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

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anhinga flowers insects mushrooms

Here is a mishmash of moments from January!                                        

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Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

anhinga double-crested cormorant wakodahatchee wetlands

I recently headed down to Delray Beach for Stitch Rock. This year I was in a little room off to the side, sharing the space with new friends, Neo Granny and Benchmade Studio. I had a great time! I've explored very little of the nature in South Florida, so I arrived in Delray Beach early to check out their Wakodahatchee Wetlands before the show. This is a water reclamation facility with a vast boardwalk allowing you to get very close to the birds. I was thrilled to see some Cormorants still nesting there, although not at all with little ones!...

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Nesting Anhinga.

anhinga viera wetlands

There are Anhinga nesting at Viera Wetlands. Some have already had babies for a while, others are on the nest. This fine gentleman brought his lady a stick for the nest. Ok, see ya later! Ok, thanks! She placed it and then covered it with another, securing it's placement. And here is a baby Anhinga from another nest.

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