The Little Nuthatch — loggerhead shrike

Viera Wetlands.

alligator american coot great blue heron hooded merganser loggerhead shrike red-shouldered hawk viera wetlands

  I hadn't been to Viera Wetlands in a few months so I went to check up on it. There are more birds at Merritt Island this Winter, but I am so excited to visit Viera this Spring! Why? Nestlings!! The Great Blue Heron's are already setting up on the palms and the platform, and there are even more nests than last year...     Here are a few more shots from the day: I was amused by the duck and Coots having a tussle over this snack.

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Some birds at Merritt Island.

belted kingfisher loggerhead shrike merritt island nwr osprey

Here are a few birds I saw on Bio-Lab Road at MINWR earlier this week. It was late in the day and the sun was going down, but it certainly was clear with blue skies.

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