The Little Nuthatch — alligator

Spring at Myakka River State Park.

alligator flowers insects myakka river state park

I went to Myakka River State Park near Sarasota, FL back in Dec 2013 and posted about it. I just visited again and it was lovely to visit at a different time of year, but my photos are for the most part the same subjects... epiphytes, lichen, and weathered trees are the beauties at Myakka. And of course, their wonderful canopy walk that provides a gorgeous view and close looks at the blooming air plants.                                    

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alligator mushrooms red-shouldered hawk tosohatchee wma

And my first hike of 2014 goes to one of my favorite places in Florida, Tosohatchee WMA. It is a huge area with numerous trails and one of the most promising spots to see really wild nature in Florida.  

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A cold and windy morning.

alligator american avocet american white pelican canaveral national seashore gopher tortoise merritt island nwr north carolina raccoon tri-colored heron white ibis

On Wednesday a cold front rolled in, bringing clouds and wind up to 30 mph. I had the day off so I headed out to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the sunrise. With the cloud cover it was no great sunrise, but it was still incredibly beautiful.   The wind!! I often see wild boar in the water, but seeing a raccoon was a first for me.    

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Viera Wetlands.

alligator american coot great blue heron hooded merganser loggerhead shrike red-shouldered hawk viera wetlands

  I hadn't been to Viera Wetlands in a few months so I went to check up on it. There are more birds at Merritt Island this Winter, but I am so excited to visit Viera this Spring! Why? Nestlings!! The Great Blue Heron's are already setting up on the palms and the platform, and there are even more nests than last year...     Here are a few more shots from the day: I was amused by the duck and Coots having a tussle over this snack.

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Lake Lotus.

alligator american bittern barred owl lake lotus park

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