The Little Nuthatch — viera wetlands

Sunset at Viera Wetlands.

viera wetlands

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Summer at Viera Wetlands.

black-bellied whistling duck common gallinule limpkin night heron viera wetlands

Made it out to Viera Wetlands for the sunrise a couple weeks ago. Good day. There were loads of herons and egrets, some shorebirds, and the first Kingfisher I'd seen in a while. And, Common Gallinule babies! So many there of all ages. I love them, they are such ugly-cute babies.  

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Sandhill Cranes at Viera.

sandhill crane viera wetlands

There are a lot of Sandhill Cranes hanging about Viera Wetlands right now. Last year I was happy to observe one couple with it's young throughout the Spring and Summer, starting with this absolute cuteness: That was the only pair around then, but last weekend I saw two pairs with little babes, a pair on a nest, and two other pairs wandering around... it's pretty cool to go and see all the pairs doing their thing.

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Nesting Anhinga.

anhinga viera wetlands

There are Anhinga nesting at Viera Wetlands. Some have already had babies for a while, others are on the nest. This fine gentleman brought his lady a stick for the nest. Ok, see ya later! Ok, thanks! She placed it and then covered it with another, securing it's placement. And here is a baby Anhinga from another nest.

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Viera Wetlands.

alligator american coot great blue heron hooded merganser loggerhead shrike red-shouldered hawk viera wetlands

  I hadn't been to Viera Wetlands in a few months so I went to check up on it. There are more birds at Merritt Island this Winter, but I am so excited to visit Viera this Spring! Why? Nestlings!! The Great Blue Heron's are already setting up on the palms and the platform, and there are even more nests than last year...     Here are a few more shots from the day: I was amused by the duck and Coots having a tussle over this snack.

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