The Little Nuthatch — limpkin

At Lake Lotus.

barred owl insects lake lotus park limpkin north carolina yellow-rumped warbler

I've been outside a lot this month, but mostly camera-free... sometimes I really like to enjoy the outside with no cameras or distractions. But I found some photos I never shared from last month at Lake Lotus. It is a little place full of wonder! This last photo is a Limpkin. The park ranger told me how it got stuck in a fish line and hook, the fisherman told the rangers and they went out to untangle the line. By the time they got to the Limpkin it had untangled itself but it still has a fish hook stuck in...

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Summer at Viera Wetlands.

black-bellied whistling duck common gallinule limpkin night heron viera wetlands

Made it out to Viera Wetlands for the sunrise a couple weeks ago. Good day. There were loads of herons and egrets, some shorebirds, and the first Kingfisher I'd seen in a while. And, Common Gallinule babies! So many there of all ages. I love them, they are such ugly-cute babies.  

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More from Viera Wetlands.

anhinga glossy ibis great blue heron great egret least bittern limpkin red-bellied woodpecker viera wetlands white ibis

More photos from Viera Wetlands this past weekend. Least Bittern. Anhinga. Red-bellied Woodpecker. Mallard. Glossy Ibis. Egrets. Great White Egret having a snack. Limpkin. Great Blue Heron. Juvenile White Ibis.

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Springtime at Viera Wetlands.

limpkin otter sandhill crane viera wetlands

Here are some photos of cute families I saw at Viera Wetlands over the weekend! There were also many families of Great Blue Heron and Anhingas that I didn't get good photos of but enjoyed watching for a long time on their nests. What a cool place! Limpkins eating a snail. Limpkins. Sandhill Cranes. Young Sandhill Crane- getting BIG!! Remember the photos I posted when it was a wee thing? Otters. Otters.

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Viera Wetlands.

limpkin ring-necked duck viera wetlands

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