The Little Nuthatch — red-winged blackbird


black and white warbler great egret red-winged blackbird yellow-rumped warbler

Here are some more birds I've seen around my apartment. I am so thankful for that special touch of nature that birds bring to suburban areas with playgrounds and retention ponds. Although, dear birds, I often wonder why you don't fly off to some place nicer...          

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flowers insects merritt island nwr northern flicker osprey red-winged blackbird sora wilson's snipe

Last weekend while birdwatching I saw two firsts, one was a Northern Gannet, the other a Sora. It's easy for me to have firsts since I haven't been birdwatching seriously (actually IDing birds) for very long. I think I may have been lucky to see the Sora though, as it was really hiding...   Others from the day... Osprey   Northern Flicker   Savannah Sparrow   Wilson's Snipe Red-winged Blackbird   Gorgeous thistles very busy with butterfly and bee action!

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Backyard birds.

brown-headed nuthatch carolina chickadee cedar waxwing red-winged blackbird white-eyed vireo yellow-bellied sapsucker

Here are a smattering of photos I've taken here and there of birds in the backyard. Female Red-winged Blackbirds, we had a large flock one late afternoon. Brown-headed Nuthatch... There is a couple that appears to be preparing a nest in an old dead tree. You know when they are there as they vigorously peck away at it! Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Carolina Chickadee Cedar Waxwing White-eyed Vireo

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