The Little Nuthatch — flowers


anhinga flowers insects mushrooms

Here is a mishmash of moments from January!                                        

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Split Oak Forest.

flowers split oak

Split Oak Forest offers a trail with beautiful, sprawling, old oak trees, followed by areas of pine forests, and sawgrass marshes. Nice trail for a cold day.

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In the sandy scrub.

florida scrub jay flowers insects lyonia preserve

Florida scrub land is endangered, rare and beautiful land on a sandy ridge. Since we just had three weeks of rain and many trails are flooded, I headed to Lyonia Preserve, nice dry scrub, and home to many families of  friendly Florida Scrub Jay.  

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At Little Big Econ State Forest.

flowers little big econ state forest mushrooms

Flowers are blooming and the trees have filled out. Things are looking lush and beautiful! Also, I almost stepped on a Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake. But it's all good! You never know what critters you will find out there- watch your step!

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North Carolina: Cradle of Forestry.

flowers moss and lichen mushrooms north carolina

When in North Carolina we went to the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah National Forest. It is the home of the first Forestry school, and a very cool place. With all the rain North Carolina has been having, the forests were just going crazy with mushrooms and plant life. It was overwhelming! Every step was another cool thing to look at. Where does this old train track go? The trail did not allow me to follow, perhaps it's even dismantled around the bend, but boy was I curious to know!

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