The Little Nuthatch — merritt island nwr

A cold and windy morning.

alligator american avocet american white pelican canaveral national seashore gopher tortoise merritt island nwr north carolina raccoon tri-colored heron white ibis

On Wednesday a cold front rolled in, bringing clouds and wind up to 30 mph. I had the day off so I headed out to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for the sunrise. With the cloud cover it was no great sunrise, but it was still incredibly beautiful.   The wind!! I often see wild boar in the water, but seeing a raccoon was a first for me.    

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Summertime at Merritt Island NWR.

black-necked stilt flowers merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill

I spent an afternoon at Merritt Island NWR a few weeks ago. I was really trying to go to the beach but sadly learned they close the beach off at 4:30 instead of sunset now. Closing a beach in the afternoon during Summer in Florida seems crazy to me, but okay. I went birdwatching instead! I love this time of year because you can see all ages of Black-necked Stilts and Green Herons- from fledgelings to birds still on the nest with eggs. While the nests are hard to photograph and better viewed with binoculars, here are a few photos...

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A few from Merritt Island.

great egret merritt island nwr roseate spoonbill snowy egret

I am working on so much new art! In the meantime, here are a few bird photos from an overcast day at Merritt Island...  

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Bird watching afternoon.

brown pelican common gallinule merritt island nwr osprey wilson's snipe


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Winter at MINWR.

american avocet american robin eastern phoebe merritt island nwr north carolina peregrine falcon sora wilson's snipe

Well, I just posted about finishing painting all the birds from the Merritt Island NWR bird checklist. Now I am going to share some photos from my last trip over there. Can you see why I love the place so much? Wilson's Snipe   American Avocet   Peregrine Falcon   Eastern Phoebe   American Kestrel   Sora   American Robin   Osprey

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